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1. Nuclear Medicine Database

Registration and Update


Dear Colleague,

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging Section of the Division of Human Health, is revising the Nuclear Medicine Database (NUMDAB) that contains information of the nuclear medicine facilities worldwide. The purpose of NUMDAB is to collect information on the status of nuclear medicine including but not limited to infrastructure, technology, and educational resources, as well as to recognize the needs and gaps in this medical field. We actively use your feedback to improve the support provided to our Member States and identify centres for training & research purposes. As the contact person of your institution, we kindly invite you to contribute by registering your centre or update the previous information you have provided.*Rest assured that information provided is confidential and will not be shared nor distributed outside the IAEA.The survey may be downloaded at our website http://nucmedicine.iaea.org/youraction.asp which also contains general information regarding NUMDAB. Alternatively, you may download the electronic form on the left bottom; send it back via the "email data" button found at the bottom of the form, or email it back to NUMDAB.Contact-Point@iaea.org. We truly value the information provided. By participating in this survey, you made your institution’s voice heard and are helping shape the future of nuclear medicine.

 We thank you in advance for your participation.

Warm regards, Diana Paez, Section Head, Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging


2. Dear Dr. Sukhov,

on behalf of the IAEA, we sincerely thank you for your contributions to the NUMDAB project. We value your feedback and hope to gain insight into the nuclear medicine development of our member states in order to better serve you and collectively improve the applications of NM for our world. It would be of great help for us if you can disseminate this information to other centres in your country and/or through the local Nuclear Medicine Society and encourage them to participate in this project. Alternatively, you may also give us their contact details to let us send them the electronic data sheet. Further information regarding this project can be found at http://nucmedicine.iaea.org. Lastly, please kindly advice if Russian Society of Nuclear Medicine conduct any national survey. If so, may I kindly ask for your assistance to provide this survey result to the IAEA. We are working on a project to study and understand the NM development in your regions. Once again, thank you very much for your support towards the IAEA NUMDAB database.

With our sincerest thanks, Mr Benson YS SONG  | Consultant |

on behalf of Ms Diana Paez  | Section Head | International Atomic Energy Agency 


3. Procedure Guidelines Nuclear Medicine now digital available! 


 In cooperation with the Dutch Society of Nuclear Medicine an update and translation of the Dutch Guidelines are finally realized into an English paper version: “The  Procedure Guidelines Nuclear Medicine.”  Also involved in this project were The Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists and the Dutch Society of Clinical Physics.

In addition to the book  a web based environment has been created what resulted in the website  www.guidelinesnuclearmedicine.com  in which you can quickly and easily navigate and give you access to 5 main chapters that includes more than 150 recommendation. For a first impression you can go to the introduction of the Procedure Guidelines Nuclear Medicine were you will find the complete content table to make sure if it can be useful for you. For further information or questions contact us. 

Kind regards, Eric Vullers, Publisher Dutch Journal Nuclear Medicine

Kloosterhof Neer BV | Napoleonsweg 128a | 6086 AJ NEER |
E. eric@kloosterhof.nl
T. 0031-475597151 / 0031-653484685

Новость опубликована: 24.01.2018.


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